Criminal Sexual Conduct

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense Attorneys

A conviction for criminal sexual conduct — or even charges — can have a devastating effect on your life. In addition to facing severe criminal consequences such as prison time you may be labeled a “sex offender” or “sexual predator,” ruining your personal reputation and making it difficult — if not impossible — to remain an active member of the community. Minnesota refers to such offenders as “predatory offenders,” but also shares information on Criminal Sexual Conduct convictions with sex offender registries in other states and federally.

If you are facing charges of criminal sexual conduct, it is crucial to seek out legal assistance from a skilled, effective defense attorney who can handle your case with the appropriate amount of discretion.

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Minneapolis Lawyer for Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Criminal sexual conduct is a term that describes a broad range of sexually-based offenses under Minnesota law, ranging in severity from first degree to fifth degree. The Law Offices of William J. Mauzy defends clients who have been accused of a broad range of sexual offenses, including:

  • Sex coercion
  • Therapeutic deception
  • Clergy, clerical or psychotherapist misconduct
  • Statutory rape

Other alleged offenses that could be charged under criminal sexual conduct include possession of pornography, soliciting prostitution, promoting prostitution, and indecent exposure.

Acting Quickly Is in Your Best Interest

Whether a misdemeanor or felony, all criminal sexual conduct charges need to be taken seriously. As soon as you are arrested, charged or believe you are being investigated, it is important to seek legal representation from an attorney with the knowledge and skill necessary to handle your case.

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